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Nu-Salya 5



2014 Glacier Heights Pl.
Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish, B.C.
Canada V0N 1T0
(south of Whistler)


Sea to Sky Gondola,Squamish, BC
WINTER (November - April) Skiing/Boarding at Whistler, Blackcomb, Cypress - CLICK HERE
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Wildlife Float Tour - bald eagles, deer, black bear, coyote - CLICK HERE
Britannia Mine, Squamish - Just like miners did, visitors climb aboard a mine train and rumble into an authentic tunnel
Ocean Sports: windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, ocean kayaking
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Brackendale Bald Eagle Viewing - CLICK HERE
Horse back riding year-round - CLICK HERE
At Quest University - only minutes from Nusalya Chalet, they started from scratch to build a university centered on students
SPRING - SUMMER - AUTUMN (May - November) Golfing

SPRING- SUMMER- AUTUMN, hiking and mountain bike trails surround us - CLICK HERE

Nu-Salya Bed & Breakfast Chalet

Nusalya Chalet remains the longest operating B&B in the Squamish region.
Luxury accommodation ideally located between Vancouver and Whistler

Outdoor Recreational Capital of Canada


Canada’s Eagle Capital

Escape from the crowds for dream adventures to unique Nu-Salya B&B Squamish accommodation at our upscale residential cul-de-sac location just 36 miles south of Whistler. We are also only 24 miles south of the Callaghan Valley Nordic Centre, site of the Whistler Nordic events for the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Squamish Bed and Breakfast Accommodation located between Vancouver & Whistler, Nusalya Chalet is one of the most spectacular B&B’s in Canada, and is recognized internationally for its rustic West Coast Alpine architecture, and First Nations art collection.


offering unparalleled natural beauty, and dramatic ocean fjord and towering craggy snow capped mountain views. Our spectacular coastal community is Canada’s Winter Bald Eagle Capital – and perhaps offers the world’s greatest diversity of Outdoor Recreation Adventures.In 2002 Tourism British Columbia awarded Nu-Salya B&BChaletthe prestigious Canada Select five star accommodation rating, which is The first time a Vancouver, Whistler or Squamish Bed and Breakfast has received this rating. The same year Forbes Travel selects Nu-Salya Bed & Breakfast as the only Canadian BB in their list of top 12 North American Bed and Breakfast Inns. Fodor’s Vancouver & B.C Lodging Guide includes Nu-Salya Chalet under Squamish Accommodation.


Nu-Salya Chalet Summer

Nu-Salya Patio overlooking the Coast Mountains and Howe Sound Fjord leading to the Pacific Ocean.

Nu-Salya Patio overlooking Shaman Totem Pole

Nu-Salya Great Room

Exceptional properties which are among the very best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services and quality provided.Exceptional properties which are among the very best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services and quality provided.Exceptional properties which are among the very best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services and quality provided.
Exceptional properties which are among the very best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services and quality provided.Exceptional properties which are among the very best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services and quality provided.

Squamish Gondola

Heather Graham - Actor

20th Century film shoot at Nu-Salya Bed & Breakfast
(May 2000) “Say It Isn’t So”
with Heather Graham,
Chris Klein & Sally Fields.

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Nu-Salya Great Room Fireplace

Step into a Character B&B like no other, Carved Grizzlies – Totem Poles -Native Art – Unique Furnishings ?. there is simply no comparison.

hare your Squamish and Whistler adventure stories over breakfast, and during the evening in the Great Room with our soaring wood burning fireplace.
Nu-Salya B&B attracts visitors who enjoy meeting and sharing conversation with other guests.

Squamish Harbour & Mt. Garibaldi (view from the south)

Scenic overview of Squamish near Whistler and the Pacific blue sea of Howe Sound, overlooked by the Stawamus Chief, with the towering peak of Mount Garibaldi in the distance. Its beauty is mythical.
Squamish, British Columbia, … known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. A landscape of hyperbole – snowy peaks that pierce the clouds. Glimmering blue sea, rushing green rivers and the cascading Shannon Falls. Scenery so stunning it shakes and amazes the most jaded tourist.

Ocean, River, Alpine Adventures await you in our dramatic area.

Home to bears, wolves, cougars, eagles, salmon, moose, deer and a host of the other wild creatures that make this region famous amongst nature lovers.
Squamish Valley area wildlife ?

Mountain goats can be seen climbing the precipitous cliffs in the Spectacular Squamish Valley The Squamish Nation Band Council began designating Wild Spirit Places in this area where logging and industrial development are prohibited.
Black bears are plentiful in the Whistler and Squamish area and, grizzly bears are infrequent visitors. The valley has some of the most spectacular tracts of glacier crowned mountains, cascading rivers and ancient forests to be found anywhere in the world. It is also home to wolves, cougars, eagles, salmon, moose, deer and a host of the other wild creatures that make this region famous amongst nature lovers.

From November to March the Squamish Valley is one of North America’s most important
American Bald Eagle wintering areas.

Stawamus Chief Park is is a rock climber’s paradise. Indeed, because of the Chief and several other high-quality climbing areas in the vicinity, Squamish has become a world-class rock climbing destination. The hiking trail is the most popular with hikers (upwards of 50,000 a year), but it is only one of several possible routes on the Chief.

Luxurious Nu-Salya Bed and Breakfast Chalet located between Vancouver & Whistler is one of the most beautiful top rated Alpine Character B&B’s in Canada, recognized internationally for its rustic West Coast Alpine architecture and relaxed unpretentious atmosphere. The unique architectural exterior includes flared logs, river rock, creative landscaping with handcrafted detail everywhere.

Step into the Great Room where guests relax, amongst cedar and fir log posts, beams and rafters, with floors of pine planks and Himalayan slate, unique furnishings, wood and stone carvings, and large wood framed windows offering Pacific Ocean Fjord views and a spectacular panoramic vista of towering craggy snow-capped mountain peaks, and also featuring a monumental 40 foot high river rock wood burning fireplace.

The Squamish valley has some of the most spectacular tracts of glacier crowned mountains, cascading rivers and ancient forests to be found anywhere in the world.


Because there are only three luxury theme guest bedrooms with en-suites we are quieter, intimate and more personal than most other Bed and Breakfast Inns. The creative and emotional spirit of Native America speaks through their art with a magnificent collection from the America’s showcased throughout Nu-Salya B&B.

Nestled in a quiet upscale residential area in the heart of the Sea to Sky coastal mountains, 36 miles south of Whistler, and close to excellent restaurants and shopping. We are a world class home base for visitors wishing to enjoy our top rated Year round adventure area and also to visit Vancouver. We are also just 40 minutes from BC Ferries to the Islands.

Enjoy starlit nights in our outdoor hot tub Spa …then come inside and relax with a glass of wine in front of our soaring wood burning fireplace….it just doesn’t get any better.

Nu-Salya Bed and Breakfast Chalet is a favourite choice for honeymooners and romantic anniversary getaways for couples from around the world.

Nu-Salya B&B Chalet Gift certificates for special occasions – Anniversary, Birthday….
Click here to order

Nu-Salya Bed & Breakfast Chalet


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    • “Nu-Salya is the best B&B we’ve ever stayed at.” – David Sum, Vancouver

    • ” What a lovely and happy time we have had at staying at Nu-Salya Chalet” – you made us so very welcome. thank you for a great stay, fabulous yummy breakfasts and perfect hospitality. So glad we found you two. Sara and Bob, new owners of the historic 15th century –
      Rialton Priory, Cornwall, UK (Formerly owned by Prince Charles and the Duchy).

    • “Nu-Salya Chalet is a hidden jewel.” – Dianne Foia, Dallas, Texas

    • “We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Nu-Salya. The two of you were great hosts, and we appreciated all of the care that you have put into the atmosphere, the food, and the information. We will certainly recommend Nu-Salya to any friends who are wise enough to plan a trip to Squamish” – C. Addison Stone, Professor & Chair Educational Studies, University of Michigan
  • “Nu-Salya Chalet is classy and the most beautiful B & B we have ever stayed at.” – Jack & Joanne Heidman, Niceville, Florida (retired airline pilot)

  • “There are only 2 B&B’s in the world we would return to, Nu-Salya is one of them.” – Chuck Bernal, San Jose, California

  • We would like to thank you for your hospitality en warm conversation during our 2 days staying (too short) in your beautiful house. We now are already 2 weeks back at work and we miss Canada a lot!”
    – Michael Weve & Trees Philipsen, Amsterdam, Holland.

  • “Thank you very much for your warm hospitality – I want you to know that your B&B is the nicest place I have ever stayed.” – Virginia Scott, Vancouver, Washington

  • “Dear Bill & Sue – Thank you for a wonderful 2004 Xmas stay” – The Ayers & Davies families
    Perth, Australia

  • “Thanks again for your hospitality and for the wonderful time we had at your first rate B&B – as innkeepers, you are second to none” – Corey & Deborah McDonald, Vancouver, BC.
  • “Thank you all for your hospitality. We felt very comfortable because of its cleanness and
    Yoko enjoyed playing the piano there as well – We would love to go back there with Yoko’s
    parents next time.” –
    Yoko & Koichi Hirano, Tokyo. Japan
  • “Thank you so much for all your hospitality, we thoroughly enjoyed staying at your beautiful chalet, and we will share the stories about it with our friends!” –Yimei & Troy – Shanghai, China

  • Click Here to read more about what our guests say about their stay at Nu-Salya,


From Our Blog

Sound Driving Advice To Save Your Brakes In Squamish

There is nothing quite like living and working in Squamish BC.  With million dollar views nearly everywhere you look it’s like living in paradise.  While mountain living is truly a gift, it comes with challenges, specifically when trying to navigate our snowy mountain terrain with their hair-point turns, and steep grades.

So today we wanted to share our top tips for driving our rugged Northwest terrain.

Save Those Brakes!

Mountain driving can be tough on your brakes, as you’re constantly using them to slow down and stop on steep inclines and sharp turns. But fear not, there are a few simple things you can do to help save your brakes and keep them in top condition while driving in the mountains:

  1. Use your engine to help slow down: When driving downhill, try to use your engine to help slow down instead of relying solely on your brakes. You can do this by shifting into a lower gear and letting your engine do some of the work (and don’t worry – modern transmissions are designed to take the load!)
  2. Avoid heavy braking: If you find yourself having to brake frequently while driving in the mountains, try to anticipate stops and slow down gradually instead of braking heavily at the last minute. This will help to reduce the strain on your brakes and make them last longer.
  3. Pay attention to your brake pedal: If your brake pedal starts to feel soft or spongy, it could be a sign that your brakes are overheating. If this happens, take a break and let your brakes cool down before continuing your drive.
  4. Get your brakes checked regularly: Make sure to have your brakes checked by a professional on a regular basis, especially if you’re doing a lot of mountain driving. This will help to catch any potential issues before they become major problems.

Those with RVs need to take this advice to a wholly new level, with the added weight of an RV, brake failure is a real danger downhill.  Here’s a great article on driving tips for you RVers.

Driving In Mountain Snow

VW SUV with Mini Camper RV coming down a wintery road

VW SUV with Mini Camper RV coming down a wintery road

The coastal mountains in British Columbia can be a winter wonderland, but they can also be treacherous if you’re not prepared. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe while driving in the coastal mountains during snow season:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is ready for winter: Check your tires, brakes, and windshield wipers to make sure they’re in good condition. Consider using winter tires, which are specifically designed to provide better traction in cold and snowy conditions.
  2. Slow down: Snow and ice can make roads slippery, so it’s important to reduce your speed and leave extra room between you and other vehicles.
  3. Use caution on bridges and overpasses: These areas tend to freeze faster than the rest of the road, so be extra careful when driving on them.
  4. Keep a winter emergency kit in your car: This should include items like a blanket, extra warm clothing, a flashlight, and a shovel.
  5. Know how to handle a skid: If you start to skid, take your foot off the accelerator and steer in the direction you want the front of the car to go.

Also if you’re planning on driving in the mountains during the winter months, it’s a good idea to consider using tire chains. Tire chains provide extra traction on snow and ice, which can be especially helpful when driving on steep and slippery mountain roads.  If you’ve never used chains before, practice putting them on your vehicle before you head out.  Trust us, nothing is worse than trying to put on tire chains in the cold and snow, so it’s a good idea to practice at home before you hit the road.

A Note About Salt Spray

Most municipalities north of Vancouver, including our township near Nusalya use salt or salt spray on the roads to keep them safe for drivers during the winter months. This spray helps to lower the freezing point of water, which means that it takes longer for the water on the roads to turn into ice. This helps to keep the roads from getting too slippery and makes them safer for everyone.

Unfortunately these salt compounds are highly corrosive to the metal frames and undercarriages of modern cars and can weaken the metal and cause rust, which can lead to costly repairs. To prevent the effects of salt corrosion, you should wash your car regularly with soap and water paying special attention to the undercarriage, and use a water resilient car wax the paint it to create a protective barrier.  For extra protection you may want to consider a rust-inhibiting primer or paint, or like us, you can also apply a rust-inhibiting spray or a rust converter to help protect your paint.

Beware of Falling Rocks

Driving in the mountains around here is a beautiful and enjoyable experience, but it also comes with some unique challenges, including the risk of falling rocks. To protect yourself and your vehicle against falling rocks, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings. Keep an eye out for warning signs or rock nets, and pay attention to any announcements, or alerts from local authorities.
  2. Avoid driving under overhangs or cliffs, as these areas are more prone to rock falls.
  3. Use your headlights and drive at a safe speed. This will help you see any potential hazards in the road ahead and give you more time to react.
  4. If you see a rock fall in the road ahead, reduce your speed and proceed with caution. Avoid driving directly under cliffs or overhangs whenever possible.

Have a Towing Service on Call

Tow Truck inland near Nusalya Vancouver BC

Tow Truck inland near Nusalya Vancouver BC

Having a roadside assistance service on call is always a good idea in general, but it’s especially important in the mountains near Vancouver during the winter months. The mountain roads in this area can be treacherous in the best of conditions, with sharp turns, steep inclines, and occasional wildlife crossings. Add in some winter weather, and those roads can become downright dangerous. If you have a roadside assistance service on call, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have someone you can call if you have a flat tire, need a jump start, or get stuck in a snowbank.

Additionally, if you do happen to break down in the mountains during the winter, a roadside assistance service can help you get the assistance you need quickly and safely, which is especially important if you’re stranded in a remote location where the weather can be extreme.  As an example of a good towing service, we enlist the towing expertise of All Set Towing Company for our 2nd home in Schaumburg, Illinois.  In addition to being super nice guys, they also commit to always being on call and have deep expertise on transporting cars and trucks, especially during the infamous winter months near Chicago.

We’ve used them a couple times in the past for our family and they’ve always come through with quick turnaround times and an affordable price.

In Closing

Driving in Squamish BC can present its own set of challenges, from wet and slippery roads to winding mountain passes. However, by following these tips and staying alert, you can safely navigate the region’s roads and enjoy all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Although we didn’t specifically mention it earlier – remember to always buckle up, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and watch out for wildlife. Additionally, make sure to maintain your vehicle and check the forecast before embarking on a long drive.

With a little preparation and caution, you can have a smooth and enjoyable driving experience in the Pacific Northwest!

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Sound Driving Advice To Save Your Brakes In Squamish

Drive safe with our advice on car vehicle brake usage in BC…

Living in the Squamish valley in BC is easy.

Then there’s the driving.

Over the years we’ve grown accustomed to the many twists and turn, low shoulders, steep hills, and blind curves on the roads of the region, but it definitely takes more concentration than the straight open highways of the flatter lands. Not to mention the extremities of Mother Nature in Squamish – most especially – in mountainous regions.

While we recommend ensuring that any vehicle you drive is in good working order driving in these parts, we wanted to pay extra attention today to the importance of your brakes, since they can be easily overworked on the many downhill portions of road.

Today, with that in mind, we’ll be covering tips to ensure that you are utilizing your brakes and transmission in the most effective manner…

Click Here to find out more…