Brackendale – Winter Home of the Bald Eagle – Squamish

Brackendale - Winter Home of the Bald Eagle - Squamish, BCA residential community just north of Squamish, Brackendale centers around the local arts community. The Brackendale Art Gallery includes a theatre, teahouse and impressive shows and exhibits. On its cedar walls are works from local and visiting artists, and fine Salish carvings. This community also boasts the largest gathering of bald eagles in North America. The art gallery sponsors the annual eagle count each January, drawing international crowds. 
Nearly 4,000 eagles were counted in 1994.                  www.PhotosCanada.com

Eagles can be viewed from the Tenderfoot Creek Fish hatchery in the Cheakamus Valley down to the Squamish Estuary near downtown Squamish. The eagles start arriving in mid November and stay until mid February, with the largest concentration in late December to January. The most popular view point is the Eagle Viewing Dyke across from the Easter Seal Camp between Squamish and Brackendale. For more information and an eagle viewing map, visit the Visitor Information Centre (phone (604) 892-9244) in downtown Squamish. 




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1Elaho (north of mile 30) 359044
2Upper Squamish6810078
4Pilchuk to Ashlu (walk + raft)93280121
5Cheakamus to Pilchuk (rafting)28400284
6I.R. Bluffs to Sunwolf32315067540
7Judd Slough to I.R.Bluffs201751277
8Easter Seal to Judd Slough86171104
9Mamquam to Easter Seal136688212
10Training Dyke to Mamquam3521157
11Downtown Squamish0000
12Railway to Art Gallery6208
16Lower Cheakamus221800301
17Upper Cheakamus86014
18Garbage Dump/ Airport153018
19Baynes Island151660217
 20Old Main Channel132920224


 1986 / 5371987 / 9521988 / 2500 1989 / 15601990 / 737
1991 / 8751992 / 16751993 / 15741994 / 37691995 / 2597 
1996 / 18591997 / 13191998 / 13521999 / 18472000/2607 

Let your spirit soar with our eagles, Dream Adventures and Places of Wonder await you in this Dramatic Land. We hope you are left with magical lifetime memories.