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2014 Glacier Heights Pl.
Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish,  B.C.
Canada  V0N 1T0
(south of Whistler)


Sea to Sky Gondola,Squamish, BC
WINTER (November - April) Skiing/Boarding at Whistler, Blackcomb, Cypress - CLICK HERE
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Wildlife Float Tour - bald eagles, deer, black bear, coyote - CLICK HERE
Britannia Mine, Squamish - Just like miners did, visitors climb aboard a mine train and rumble into an authentic tunnel
Ocean Sports: windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, ocean kayaking
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Brackendale Bald Eagle Viewing - CLICK HERE
Horse back riding year-round - CLICK HERE
At Quest University - only minutes from Nusalya Chalet, they started from scratch to build a university centered on students
SPRING - SUMMER - AUTUMN (May - November) Golfing
SPRING- SUMMER- AUTUMN, hiking and mountain bike trails surround us - CLICK HERE

5 Must-Do’s On A Trip To Squamish, BC

Looking for an adrenaline rush on your next trip to BC?

Kite Surfing At Squamish Spit Near Vancouver

Kite Surfing At Squamish Spit Near Vancouver

Does typical scenery boring you whenever you take your vacation? Are you one of those who is looking for a more thrilling and adrenaline-rushing adventure? You can absolutely find that at Squamish Spit.

Squamish Spit is a popular destination for kiteboarders or kitesurfers. Although you can still enjoy the beach building sandcastles, swimming, getting a tan, or surfing, that isn’t as fun and as challenging as kiteboarding.

If you are curious about what it is, what you need for it, and why Squamish Spit is a great location for it, then continue reading below.

What Exactly Is Kiteboarding?

Have you ever heard about kiteboarding or kitesurfing? If you haven’t just come to Squamish Spit and you’ll see a lot of people enjoying the beach. Not only that, but you’ll also see people on their surfboards being hoisted up in the air by large kites. That’s the awesome sport of kiteboarding.

Kitesurfing seems like a sport that only attracts athletes or adrenalin junkies. However, it is a sport for all. The newer equipment we have today makes it safer even for kids.

What Do You Need To Kitesurf?

There are a few things you need when you want to kitesurf such as the kites, boards, harnesses, safety gears, and other gears. We’ll discuss each and every one of them in more detail below.


The first piece of equipment that you should have is the kite. It is an essential part of the sport. Without it, you’ll just be surfing. Kites come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The one you use will depend on what you weigh, the wind conditions plus your level of expertise with the sport.

As we’ve mentioned, kites come in many variations but they can be classified in two main categories, the LEI and Foil.

LEI stands for Leading Edge Inflatable. This type of kite maintains its structure due to the inflatable bladders. This type of kite is connected to a control bar that could have 2-5 lines.

It is the most common type of kite used because it is suitable for use in water. It will just float in the water and could be relaunched even if it has spent a lot of time in the water. They are also easier to fly and relaunch. Additionally, they are better at gusty winds because they are more stable.

Foil kites on the other hand don’t have inflatable bladders. They function by opening or closing the air cells that allow for airflow. If they are in the water, the cells could be filled up with water and sink.

Although they may not be ideal in the water, they are still chosen for their efficient design. They could provide more power and could be used even in lighter winds. Just like the LEI kites, they also have a control bar with lines.

Control Bar And Lines

The next things you’d need would be the control bar and lines. This will allow you to control the kite and your flight while kitesurfing. The control bar connects to the kite through the use of lines.

The control bars also feature a safety system that is usually a quick-release type. It reduce the power of the kite so it doesn’t pull you. Due to this safety feature, there have been many people who decided to try the sport.


The harness makes it more comfortable for you because the pull of the kite is transferred to your waist. If you don’t have a harness, the pull will just be in your hands. It is still possible to kitesurf like that but it would be very tiring for your hands.


Because you can’t walk on water, you’ll need a board to keep you afloat. Just like the kites, there are also different sizes and shapes to choose from. Twin tip boards are the most commonly used boards for kitesurfing.

Other Equipment

Additional equipment for support and safety could also be used. Such would include a kite leash, helmet, buoyancy aid, a line cutter, sports sunglasses, rashguard, and many others. Using them depends on preference. However, it is best not to use a board leash because it can lead to injury to your head, spine, or back.

Why Is Squamish Spit An Ideal Location For Kiteboarding?

The next time you go to the Squamish region, don’t forget to enjoy the Squamish Spit oceanfront. It’s not just a great beach, it is also an ideal spot for kiteboarding. That’s because of the good weather conditions during the summer where there is a consistent wind flow.

Kiteboarding enthusiasts all over the world come to Squamish for it. The best time to go there for kiteboarding is from May to September.

Even if you don’t know how to kiteboard, you could still enjoy it because there are lessons available. There is also equipment that you can rent out or purchase. It is always best to take lessons rather than just jump right into doing it on your own.

Once you know the basics and the instructor tells you that you can now do it on your own, that’s when you can go and enjoy all you want.