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Nu-Salya 5


2014 Glacier Heights Pl.
Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish,  B.C.
Canada  V0N 1T0
(south of Whistler)

Sea to Sky Gondola,Squamish, BC
WINTER (November - April) Skiing/Boarding at Whistler, Blackcomb, Cypress - CLICK HERE
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Wildlife Float Tour - bald eagles, deer, black bear, coyote - CLICK HERE
Britannia Mine, Squamish - Just like miners did, visitors climb aboard a mine train and rumble into an authentic tunnel
Ocean Sports: windsurfing, kiteboarding,  sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, ocean kayaking
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Brackendale Bald Eagle Viewing - CLICK HERE
Horse back riding year-round - CLICK HERE
At Quest University - only minutes from Nusalya Chalet,  they started from scratch to build a university centered on students
SPRING - SUMMER - AUTUMN (May - November) Golfing
SPRING- SUMMER- AUTUMN, hiking and mountain bike trails surround us - CLICK HERE

The Top 5 Must-Have’s For A Day Hike In Squamish BC

Day hikes are a great way to take in the views!

Hiking The Chief On The Sea To Sky Trail
Panorama Over Howe Sound – Squamish, BC

Whether it’s a flat hike along the Squamish river, a stroll through the many ancient pine forests in the area, or hiking the cliff tops within view of the omni-present Chief monolith, Squamish BC has got nearly an endless array of hiking possibilities for visitors of any experience level.
For the long weekenders, day hikes are a great way to get the lay of the land in without committing to a long hike, but there are a few things that we recommend taking in your travel pack to get the most enjoyment out of your trek.

1. The Right Hiking Boots

Even though you’ll be doing a day hike, you’ll still want to wear the right types of hiking boots. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to wear boots that are lightweight, flexible and breathable. Ankle support is recommended on the more rugged paths, but save those big, bulky boots for the extended hikes.
The last thing you want is to wear boots that will weigh you down and make your hike more difficult.

2. Trekking Poles

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can handle a day hike in Squamish. The truth is that whether you’re doing a day hike or a week’s long hike, you’ll want to bring a good pair of trekking poles. They’ll make the hike much easier.
Plus, poles will increase your speed when you’re hiking uphill. You’ll retain your balance easier with trekking poles. Not only that, but you won’t put your joints under a lot of pressure when you use trekking poles.

3. Anti-Bear Considerations

While hiking Squamish, you’ll need to be aware that black and grizzly bears wander the area. While encounters are rare, it good to have equipment on hand – just in case. Most bears shy away from people, and surprising a bear can sometimes lead to aggressive behavior, so making yourself known is a good way to ward them off. We recommend fastening “Bear Bells”, which make a constant jingling sound as you walk, to your pack to ensure that any animal can hear you coming. Additionally having bear spray can be effective repellent to an aggressive bear. The longer the spray distance, the better.

4. Water Purifier

You might think you’ve packed enough water, but never underestimate how thirsty you’ll get on your day hike. This is especially true if you’re not use to doing hikes on a regular basis. You don’t want to go hours one-way, have no water left and then have to turn back around to hike back to the starting point.
This is exactly why a water purifier is a must-have for a day hike in Squamish BC. A water purifier will clean water that you gather from water sources. If you run out of water, then you’ll be glad to have a water purifier on hand.

5. Plenty Of Snacks

Finally, you need snacks on hand. You can be the fittest and healthiest person in the world, but you’ll still need energy for hiking throughout the Squamish BC area. If you burn yourself out and you don’t have food to re-energize you, then you could be in for more than you bargain for.
You don’t have to pack food that will weigh you down. Pack snacks such as peanuts, peanut butter, apples, peaches and other fruits. Make a list of healthy snacks you like and then pack them. As a general rule of thumb, you should pack more than you think you need, just to be on the safe side.
Make sure you wear the right hiking boots and bring along trekking poles. Additional clothing and a water purifier should be brought with you. Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks too.