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Nu-Salya 5



2014 Glacier Heights Pl.
Garibaldi Highlands, Squamish, B.C.
Canada V0N 1T0
(south of Whistler)



Sea to Sky Gondola,Squamish, BC
WINTER (November - April) Skiing/Boarding at Whistler, Blackcomb, Cypress - CLICK HERE
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Wildlife Float Tour - bald eagles, deer, black bear, coyote - CLICK HERE
Britannia Mine, Squamish - Just like miners did, visitors climb aboard a mine train and rumble into an authentic tunnel
Ocean Sports: windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, ocean kayaking
AUTUMN - WINTER (November - February) Brackendale Bald Eagle Viewing - CLICK HERE
Horse back riding year-round - CLICK HERE
At Quest University - only minutes from Nusalya Chalet, they started from scratch to build a university centered on students
SPRING - SUMMER - AUTUMN (May - November) Golfing
SPRING- SUMMER- AUTUMN, hiking and mountain bike trails surround us - CLICK HERE

5 Must-Do’s On A Trip To Squamish, BC

Our Top 7 Favorite Places In British Columbia

Pacific coastlines, rocky mountains, and the glory of natural beauty are all that you would see when you come to British Columbia. You’d feel the freshness in the air but also the thrill and excitement in your veins as they also offer lots of adrenaline-fueled outdoor activities.

It is a perfect paradise to relax and unwind or fuel yourself with adrenaline. However, if you want to spend your time here in British Columbia, you’d surely enjoy your stay. If you haven’t had the chance to experience this paradise or if you think you didn’t make the most out of your previous stay, here are a few things you shouldn’t miss the next time you visit:

Inner Harbour, Victoria

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Inner Harbor At Sunset

One of the places you ought to visit whenever you find yourself on Vancouver Island is their capital city, Victoria. There are lots of wide green spaces like the ones you’d find at Beacon Hill Park. Also, don’t forget about the shopping areas at the Bay Centre.

Don’t forget about Inner Harbour as it is one of the best places to go in Victoria. The walkways can take your breath away as they pass through various famous landmarks. Take a stroll to the Royal BC Museum, see the Parliament buildings and the beautiful Empress Hotel. Strolling in Inner Harbour on a sunny day is a great way to relax and just appreciate everything around you.

The Royal BC Museum

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Outside Totem Display At The Royal BC Museum

When you’re walking on the walkways at Inner Harbour, don’t just admire the Royal BC Museum from the outside. Come inside and give your eyes a feast by looking at thousands of different artifacts plus other exhibits. There are also lectures, workshops, and interactive tours that are quite interesting. It is a great escape indoors, just in case you find yourself touring on a rainy day.

Pacific Rim National Park

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Raised Trail In Wetland At The Pacific Rim National Park

Over to the west coast of Vancouver Island, you’ll find wonderful beaches and campsites. It’s a perfect place for hikers, surfers, and campers. One of the best locations in Tofino that you shouldn’t miss going to is the Pacific Rim National Park. Enjoy the West Coast trail, the Long Beach as well as the Broken group of islands in your exploration.

You just can’t do it all in one day as the perimeter of the park is estimated at 200 square miles. Spending a couple of days or longer will surely be worth it. Lush forests and relaxing coastlines await your stay there.

Island Beaches Of Tofino

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Tofino Beach With Surfers At Sunset

If you have the heart of a surfer or if you just enjoy the beach, then you’ll love the other beaches that you’ll find at Tofino. The locals have kept the beaches as pristine as possible and it’s a great site to stare into the ocean. Use your binoculars and pay attention because you just might see signs of spurting from a passing whale.

There are also lots of cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy. Drinking a cup of hot coco or coffee in any of such establishments could be your warm hug when the beach breeze gets a bit cold for you.

Lake O’Hara

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Spring Flowers Bloming At The Edge Of Lake O’Hara

Towards the inland, you’d see amazing views of the Canadian Rocky mountain highs. Apart from that, you’d also see lots of flowing rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Yoho National Park is a great place to visit and one of the places you’d find there is Lake O’Hara. It’s a serene place that can take any hiker’s breath away. The tranquility it offers will be worth the hike.

Sea To Sky Highway

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Views Galore Off The Sea To Sky Highway

Road trips are great and one that you should include in your bucket list is the one from the US border to Cache Creek. It is a 250-mile drive on Highway 99, which is more popularly known as the Sea to the Sky Highway.

Major sights like the Lion’s Gate Bridge plus Stanley Park can all be part of this road trip. Additionally, there are deserted bays and beaches all along the way. They make for great and unforgettable rest-stops.

Wild Pacific Trail

Panorama Over Howe Sound - Squamish, BC
Walk Through Old Growth Forests On Wild Pacific Trail

Lastly, you shouldn’t also forget to enjoy the beauty of the Wild Pacific Trail. Accessible with Pacific Rim National Park. It extends for roughly 5 magnificent miles. Your walk starts from the Marine Drive car park, then into the forest with awesome views of the coast.

Walk through the Brown beach area and you’d eventually hear the crashing waves as you explore. The trail isn’t a circular route so you’d have to go back but you can take the alternate route so don’t have to go back exactly the way you came.